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50th Anniversary T-Shirt - Issue 1 May, 1970

Designer: Shop Essence

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Please Note: This item is made to order from our Exclusive 50th Anniversary Collection and is available for a LIMITED TIME only.

This item will ship between July 20th and July 31st.

With the identifiably Black and undeniably beautiful Barbara Cheeseborough gazing from the debut cover, ESSENCE began. Millions saw themselves reflected in the skin, natural hair, stare and aim of that inaugural cover.  In our mission statement, we promised to serve as a forum for discussion, a showcase for Black talent, and a platform extolling the highest standards of literary and artistic excellence. Above all, we “launched to delight and to celebrate the beauty, pride, strength and uniqueness of all Black women.” Mission accomplished.

Model: Barbara Cheeseborough

Issue: May 1970