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Glow-fidence Discovery Kit

Designer: Marla Rene Beauty & Co.

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Girl, stop dreaming about smooth, even skin tone. This discovery kit is about to turn your dreams into reality. Everything in this system I personally curated to address one of the biggest concerns we have as melanated beauties..hyperpigmentation.

Your skin will naturally start to renew itself with our raw honey, balancing out the melanin in your skin while keeping it hydrated.  The natural fruit enzymes found in the Papaya and Lemon army toward speeding up the lightening of those dark spots naturally.  Get ready to experience your renewed self within these next 30 days of skin transformation.

What one of our beauties had to say: 

“First things first, your products are phenomenal???  I always had good skin, but I still had visible pores. Guess what – no pores!! The other bonus is how even and completely balanced my skin is. I am so in love with the ease of everything, and will definitely be subscribing to your plan.”~Fatima
Before I talk about this system, let’s talk about the customer service! A1! My skin was acting a little funny when I tried another system. I reached out to Marla, she not only told me why my skin was reacting this way, but she also recommended the Hyperpigmentation system. I ordered the system, received it on a Wednesday. A week later, my dark spots starting clearing up very, very nicely. Absolutely positively pleased with my purchase. 😁😁😁 ~Tiffany D.

Raw Honey Cleanser

  • This golden ray of cleansing goodness is perfect for all skin and even more for those that tend to be a bit more dry. The honey hydrates and brings much needed moisture while helping to decrease the appearance of any scars, blemishes, age spots and dark marks you might have.  And it can be used as a mask! Dual Purpose for the win!  2.5oz

Kakadu Plum Hydrosol Toner

  • Formulated with the revitalizing power of pomegranate extract, powerful green tea extract and vitamin C rich kakadu plum. This Kakadu Plum + Turmeric + Hibiscus toner  is an intensely hydrating and rich  toner which will revive combination skin and help diminish fine lines.
  • These luxurious ingredients will nourish your skin to create a healthy and radiant glow.
  • The toner helps to cleanse away any residual dirt left after you cleanse your face and promotes further moisture while keeping your sensitive to normal skin balance 2oz


  • The Melafade  Melanin Vitamin C booster is the perfect solution to uplift your confidence and restore your complexion.  If you  desire a glowing even toned complexion  free from post acne scarring, dark spots and blotchy skin MelaFade is your answer.
  • This powerhouse antioxidant booster loaded with   Vitamin C, Astaxanthin and B3 work diligently together to gently reveal the skin you always wanted!  Start each morning with the perfect defense against the external stressors like UV rays that ages our skin and causes hyperpigmentation. .4oz

Lumi Facial Oil 

  • This oil has been chosen specifically to target hyperpigmentation. Formulated with a synergic blend of botanicals and essential oils that will hydrate your skin with the perfect blend of concentrated moisture. .25oz 


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