Videau Natural Health (VNH), Dr. Shimeca Videau

Dr. Shimeca Videau is an Alternative Medicine Doctor and is the creator of Videau Natural Health (VNH) which is an Alternative Medicine, Beauty, and Grooming Company that integrates Naturopathic Medicine and Phyto- Medicinal therapeutic treatments to body, skin, and hair. VNH includes a collection of rigorously curated skin care products designed to treat specific skin deficiencies such as eczema, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and dull skin. All products work to enhance and improve the overall condition of the skin while restoring health and balance at the skin's cellular level.
VNH's skin products were birthed out of need and fierce passion to heal her own skin issues. Dr. Videau suffers from eczema which is an inflammation of the dermatitis that manifests itself as itchy, scaling patches on the body. For Dr. Videau, her eczema breakouts manifested on her face. She tested a plethora of products on the market that claimed to be natural and promised to heal her eczema, but after discovering most of the ingredients were exorbitantly toxic and lacked results, she was eager to create her own remedies made from the earth's ingredients.
During her doctorate training, Dr. Videau discovered indigenous botanical herbs, flowers, and roots with potent and miraculous properties that she knew wanted to incorporate into her products. Dr. Videau spent endless hours researching ancient pharmacological herbs, creating proto-types, and testing natural, organic, and  medicinal ingredients to create product that will ultimately change the way she and others care for their hair and skin. With rigorous research and persistent testing, she finally found the perfect blend of ingredients that produced real results and wanted to bring that to others, especially women of color suffering from the same skin issues.