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Vendor benefits

At Shop ESSENCE, our brand partners have to reach specific goals, in order to move up a tier. Below is a description of each tier and how to move up and enjoy all of the perks we have to offer.

Tier 1

In order to be considered a Tier 1 brand partner, you would need to make $1,500 in sales (gross) in a single month. Being Tier 1 allows you to be one step closer to enjoying Shop ESSENCE perks. If you exceed $3,000 in sales in your first month, you automatically become a Tier 2 brand partner.


Tier 2

Tier 2 allows you to indulge in perks across the ESSENCE, Shop ESSENCE, and New Voices brands. To reach Tier 2, you would need to have made at least $3,000  in sales across 2 months. We have broken this down below.

Inclusion in New Voices Family

New voices is a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and partners who are committed to driving transformative growth in our communities for generations to come. Through the NV Foundation, we will help you grow your business by offering:
1. Leadership Development
2. Education & Skills-Building
3. Networking Opportunities
*New Voices has a network of industry leading companies who embrace the mission and lend their expertise to help entrepreneurial women of color succeed. Our entrepreneurs benefit from thought leadership, training, mentorship and supply chain inclusion made possible by their partners. Learn more here.

ESSENCE Swag Bag Opportunities

ESSENCE hosts a number of events throughout the year, including but not limited to Fashion House, Street Style, Textures on the Runway, Wellness House, etc. You may have the opportunity to have your brand included in gift bags for celebrities and customers. Not only does this allow for more brand visibility, it may also help with your entry into Tier 3!


Inclusion in Shop ESSENCE Pop Ups

As a brand partner, you will be considered first to be one of the brands we showcase and sell in our shop. We bring the celebration of black owned businesses to major cities, for an experience unlike any other!


Tier 3

Tier 3 opens up the possibility of in-book magazine features, features in our holiday gift guide, and even QVC's!

Holiday Gift Guide

  1. QVC

Tier 4

  1. Featured article
  2. Inclusion in magazine ad
  3. Entrepreneur stage


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