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Black Girl Shaking Things Up

Designer: Shop Essence

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Through creativity, hard work, and awareness, Black girls have become the ultimate facilitators of change. We have continued to invent fresh methods of self-expression, while empowering ourselves and those around us. Such is the goal of Girls United, ESSENCE’s digital platform geared towards Generation Z Black women.

Whether we’re pushing for political shifts, fighting for reproductive rights, or defending our agency, Black girls are constantly shaking things up. Whenever a construct doesn’t suit us, we shift it until it does, as we know the owner of putting forth effort to protect our interests.

Though we are fostering an online community, Black Girl Shaking Things Up is not limited to digital spaces - we want to see real changes in our everyday lives. Until those changes are palpable, you better believe that we’ll continue to shake things up.

About Girls United by ESSENCE

Girls United is a social first digital media platform representing the voice of the Gen Z population. We are providing the tools, resources and opportunities necessary to help young women in transitional phases of their lives. Through community and mentorship, we aim to help her find her path through her passions and interests. Together we are challenging the status quo of what it means to be a black women by providing a safe space to come into your own and be understood. The future of our community lies within our hands.