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Quon's Eyes, Quon Cheri Wilson


About Quon’s Eyes

 Quon’s Eyes was created to provide high-impact, minimum-effort, luxury beauty enhancements. Our products are designed to give industry professionals to everyday women and men beauty solutions that deliver high-impact glam immediately! Our motto is simple, Command the Room, Period!

We are for the girls and guys who possess that once in a lifetime beauty that cannot and will not be subject to any standard, whose beauty matters, and will not be ignored.

We are for the beauties that break molds and shatter ceilings daily! We are for those with unfathomable beauty, whose soul is even more dope.

 We are Quon’s Eyes!

About Quon:

Quon’s Eyes was created by makeup artist and television beauty expert, Quon Wilson. As a beauty expert, Wilson has appeared for feature on morning shows: Let’s Talk Live (ABC 7/8), Great Day Washington (WUSA 9) and Good Day DC (Fox 5) in the Washington, DC market. Wilson has also appeared on NBC 4 in Washington, DC and Fox 45 in Baltimore. Wilson is a graduate of HBCU, Bowie State University and a mother of one.

“The eyes excite me,” said Wilson. “It’s the place where we first make our most intimate connections. We can convey seduction, anger, beauty, revenge, and power with one glance. To accentuate the eyes, I created a collection of eyelashes to celebrate the complexities, desires, and passions that is your beauty. It is my hope that with each wear your eyes will revel a deeper and unrivaled dimension of your beauty. For you are not defined by what you see, but what you make of what you see…so command the room, period! ”



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