Mindful Essentials, Kathiana Dulcine

My name is Kathiana born in Brooklyn and raised in Providence, RI. I was born to two wonderful parents who were born and raised in Haiti and came here to give me a better opportunity than they had. I started Mindful Essentials in thoughts of my mother and someone who I became very close to while being a nanny to her children both who unfortunately, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a big hit because of course we all have the “it can’t happen to me or my loved ones” but it does. After doctors telling my mother to be cautious about which products she uses which prompted me to research why and develop my own skincare line that is more accessible and affordable than alot of products out there.

In this difficult time I did a lot of soul searching while going through my own emotional and began to learn self-care is not only physical but, our entire being is dependent on being healthy holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As women we lose ourselves in our title of: mom, wife, friend, sister, etc. So I came up with a brand that aims to provide not only quality skin care products, but also go through the motions and your journey of self-care with you.