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Marla Dornell-Leak is the CEO and Founder of Marla Rene Skincare, a non-toxic facial focused Indie brand for women of color. Her mission is to empower women to take control of their health and well-being, reminding them that they are powerful, bold, perfectly imperfect beauties. She’s a CNA by trade and after leaving work to be her mom's sole caregiver, she realized that an alarming number of skincare products are formulated with toxins. She was forced to become a quick study of skincare ingredients and how to choose the safest brands for her mom. After her passing, Marla utilized her avid love of DIY and her new-found passion for safe skincare to navigate the grieving process. Formulating products evolved into developing her own line. She studied the EU standards for cosmetics and solicited the help of a cosmetic chemist to bring her vision to life. She seeks to enable women to make skincare choices that will help them achieve their personal vision of beauty without sacrificing their inner being. Her products deliver uncompromising results naturally through wild crafted, eco-conscious, cruelty free ingredients, one of which landed as one of Byrdie’s 2018 Best Skincare Products for Women of Color. Her journey to skincare evolved out of the tragedy of losing her mom to cancer. Her passion and dedication are fueled daily by her amazing tribe of women who relay their experiences of renewed confidence, restored self-esteem and overall joy her products bring.