KoshieO, Nina Baksmaty

Ghana native, Nina’s aesthetics have African roots, but are redefined for the international markets.  From a young age, she was exposed to elegance and fashion by her mother Goody Baksmaty who was an outstanding fashion designer of her time. Mentored by the Editor -in- chief of Vogue Italia, the Late Franca Sozzani, Nina got the opportunity to sharpen her skill set by learning from an iconic leader in her field, thereby pioneering one of the fastest growing ethnic inspired brands available today. She took up a part time job while studying biology at  Westminster College in Missouri, trading in shoes and bags to her peers between New York and the Midwest area. Through this, she realized her extreme passion and zeal for fashion and business could be harnessed at one place, hence birth of the KoshieO fashion brand. Nina creates timeless pieces by focusing on the simple but obvious details and craftsmanship of every collection, as well as drawing inspiration from her colorful cultural background and heritage. Nina lives in Maryland with her husband and their children.