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Glamourina, Kia & Nekol

Glamourina is the go-to activewear brand for socially conscious women founded in Washington, DC in 2015. We exist to motivate women of color to live healthy, active lifestyles by providing cultural athletic apparel. Our mission is to service an underrepresented market of diverse women of all shapes, sizes, and complexions.

Realizing that healthy lifestyles have a great importance in our psychological and physical wellness, Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins realized there was a void in the activewear market for socially conscious women and working mothers. “There were few images of women that looked like us in the market, and there were few designs that represented our culture and heritage”. So, in the spirit of creation, these Queens decided to embark on a journey birthing their own inspirational activewear brand, Glamourina.

With professional backgrounds in art, fashion, entertainment and marketing, Nekol and Kia have created a brand that has taken the nation by a storm in such a short period of time. As women of color and working mothers of young girls, Nekol and Kia had a direct understanding of the importance of representation in the activewear market.



Panambi Plum Leggings


Ghanima Green Leggings


Bahira Black Leggings


Rehani Red Leggings