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Home Made Luxe, Keitha Moseley-Dendy

Keitha Moseley-Dendy has always been an overachiever, from graduating high school at age 15, starting college at Rice University at age 16, graduating at age 20 with 3 degrees (she now has 4!) and now a wife, mom of twins, a blogger, youtuber, and entrepreneur.

Her journey to entrepreneurship began upon giving birth to her twin girls. Keitha realized that self-care, though it should be first, is often last on the list. This inspired her to create Home Made Luxe, a subscription craft box that contains all the materials you need to create a custom home decor project with written and video instructions. Now thousands of women across the US and Canada enjoy monthly Mommy alone time and come together for ladies night out: craft edition!



Mason Jar String Art Craft Kit


Gemstone Soap Craft Kit


Coffee Mug Holder and Sign Craft Kit