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Beautiful Amore Skincare, Amerrah B.

Amerrah Brown is the founder of Beautiful Amore Skincare, a vegan skin care line based in Brooklyn, NY. She began making her creations almost two decades ago. Amerrah enjoys making vegan, organic and natural based personal care items designed to help people overcome various ailments of the skin and hair. The aromatic blend of essential oils used in her formulations help to relieve stress, revive the spirit and heal the soul. She makes every product by pouring her love and light into it.
Amerrah's mission is to use the company as a tool to promote self love and to give love through her products. Her fitting tag line is, If the essence of love could ever be captured in a bottle, Beautiful Amore Skincare comes close to it.
She believes that when we love ourselves it shows in how we treat other human beings, animals and the planet we live on.  She says, We are all connected. Loving yourselves, others and the skin you’re in... That’s what truly makes a difference in this world.
She is currently working nonstop to build global exposure to her unique brand of love.