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Alchemy Body Shop, Veronica Smith

Born a creatress, my journey began in Jersey City, NJ.

I've been a creator since I was young but what inspired me to explore skincare was the lack of natural, organic, and affordable products on the market. I was determined to transition into a more holistic lifestyle but it was almost impossible given what was available for skincare at the time. Alchemy Body Shop was birthed through not only my own passion but through knowing that there were other like-minded WOC who needed to see themselves represented and to be able to access quality ingredients without the overpriced fluff  and nonsense. I believe that we are all a part of the process of alchemy. In fact I believe that we ourselves are the very definition of it, from forming in the wombs of our mothers to voyaging into our own being then journeying throughout this walk of life. So please join me, Veronica, in this journey and process that is so beautifully known as Alchemy Body Shop.

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